Please note that some variants of this product will be available to ship mid-October, 2020.


  • With a recommended working volume of 200 mL and a dead volume of <1 mL, reagent waste can be minimized in manual and automated workflows.  


  • Perfect for quick and easy removal/recovery of reagents from multi-well plates.  Simply deseal your plate, invert it on the support steps inside the VBLOK200, and centrifuge!


Application Ideas:


  • Improve pooled NGS library recovery volumes: invert a 96 or 384 well plate in the VBLOK and centrifuge to quickly and efficiently recover your samples.  


  • Save money and reduce pipette tip waste for NGS library prep: Eliminate lossy and wasteful pipette aspiration and dispense steps during post-ligation library pooling.  


  • Gentle cell culture media changes: plate washers and manual pipetting can dislodge and damage sensitive adherent cell lines.  Invert your cell culture plate and centrifuge to gently remove spent media!


Heating and cooling adapters available.


VBLOK200 - Individually wrapped - 24 per case



Low Dead Volume Reservoir and NGS Library Prep Tool - VBLOK200

  • Working Volume: 200 mL (maximum capacity: 250 mL)

    Less than 1 mL dead volume!

    24 per Case

    Available Pre-Sterilized

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